Sunday, January 28, 2007

day trip to diriamba

The sleepy little pueblo of Diriamba 45 minutes from Managua is best known for its 2 week festival each January honoring its patron saint, San Sebastian, which is less about the aforementioned saint and more about Nicaragua's indigenous heritage and resistance to Spanish colonial rule. This resistance (in true Nica style) is cloaked in poetry, wit, music, and dance and takes the form of a now famous street play known as El Gueguense. Below, some of the colorful sights on the streets of Diriamba this past Saturday.


soupablog said...

¿diseƱo nuevo?

Sharis said...


i noticed that on your section on the right of your page it says I give hugs. Right now on campus there is a random student that walks around campus with a sign that says, "FREE HUGS" You just walk up to him and he gives you a hug. He says we wants to bring more love and kindness to the world. Anyway, I thought it was classic and you would find it intersteing.