Saturday, December 15, 2007

top 10 reasons...

It's official-- in Nicaragua, walking on the street is definitely preferable to the sidewalk. At least in residential neighborhoods. Which is where me, Andrea, and my good friends Beth & Alan were paseando last night picking up fritanga food on our way to their house for dinner.

Below, I give you me and Alan's hot-of-the-press list of the top 10 reasons to walk on the street rather than the sidewalk.

1. At any given moment, the sidewalk ends.

2. Sidewalks here have more potholes and other "gringo traps" than the roads.

3. People at night sit out on the "porch" which in many cases IS the sidewalk, making it impassable.

4. Walking on the sidewalk makes one much more susceptible to be scared out of one's wits by a guard dog who thinks you are too close to their property.

5. Speaking of dogs, they frequently leave their um, tracks, on the sidewalks.

6. In some cases sidewalks are actually the extension of someone's tile driveway, which when slick with water can cause one to lose their balance and/or drop everything they are carrying.

7. There is more light on the road, which makes it safer.

8. You can more easily hail down a taxi if you are already standing on the street.

9. You have a better, less obstructed view of what's happening around you from the street.

10. Hmmm. Well, I seem to have forgotten this last one. Too much good fritanga food, I guess. (Ah, of course, the sidewalks also are often the homes of food vendors, like the one pictured above.)


amelia said...

When I did my 8 week trip to Mexico City our "brother" told my roommate and I to always walk in the street--especially at night because it is safer. It did feel easier to see everything from the street point of view.

Alan & Beth Claassen Thrush said...

I love it...I think I'll add a link to this list on our blog.