Saturday, May 10, 2008

in which i explain my sporadic appearances lately

i know there's only a few of you out there that actually read this blog daily or even weekly, but i still feel the need to explain where i've been lately.

first, last weekend i was with my friend Wendy and her boyfriend in Ocatal near the Honduras border--we actually crossed over and drank some delicious licuados--for pics of that trip visit my Facebook album:

second, i have been preparing like mad for the arrival of 5 students and a professor and his wife from Dordt College in Iowa who are coming down for a two week interim studying missions and development--with an emphasis on agriculture. this has become an exciting new component of the Nehemiah Center, hosting semester programs nand various kinds of academic experiences for college students...i have really enjoyed being part of the past ones and i am sure this one will be no different.

third, speaking of semester programs, the Trinity Christian College semester program is coming to an end and the students finished up their final projects this week--they each made an outstanding film--which one day i hope will be online for all to appreciate--but i became one of the principle translators for two of the projects--which i greatly enjoyed, but which left me quite exhausted at the end of each day this week.

and finally, this past wednesday, i had a close call when i got hit by a motocycle crossing the street at one of Managua's busiest intersections on my way to work. the good news is, i'm fine (and i have the x-rays to prove it!). the bad news is, my laptop screen in ruined. but at least i'm not black and fractured like it is.

i guess that about sums it up. sorry i won't be around much for another week or so, but i promise to update you on the Dordt experience and everything else life brings my way as soon as i can.

oh, by the way, we're now in day 5 of a taxi-bus strike here, and it's causing quite a bit of concern for many people. i wish i could go into more detail, but nicaraguan politics are mostly taboo on this blog now. but, please, if you are the praying kind, offer up some words for the resolution of this issue. thanks.



paully said...

some words are just fun to say repetitively: Dordt! Dordt! Dordt!

Derek and Claire Plantenga said...

Hi Pamela! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. That was such a beautiful computer! Do you need assistance obtaining a replacement?

Derek and Claire Plantenga said...

I'm glad you're okay though!!!

E. Twist said...

Glad you're ok.