Wednesday, March 04, 2009

fotos de tierra tica

En el barrio la Carpio cerca de San Jose/In a Nica neighborhood in San Jose we met Maria Jesus (green shirt) and her husband Alexis (a mason) and her family. Even though they've been living in Costa Rica over 10 years, life is still hard. Still, Alexis says, "Por que voy a quejar? (Why am I going to complain?) Dios me ha dado el aire sin limite. (God gives me air to breathe without limit).

A church in Cartago, the old capital/Una iglesia en Cartago, la vieja capital

Yes, we were above the clouds at Volcan Irazu/Estuvimos encima de las nubes en Volcan Irazu
La vista preciosa/The incredible view (looks a lot like Masaya Volcano from this angle, actually!)

Not sure what the green liquid in the center is...but it IS an active volcano

Me, my roommate Alicia, and the students in front of the crater

Not quite sure what this animal is, but it was hanging out in the parking lot

From the Precolumbian Gold Museum in San Jose--awesome!

A former Costa Rican president statue (the one who eliminated the CR military in 1948) looks out over the San Jose skyline as the flag waves in the distance.

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