Friday, August 25, 2006

funny story of the day

It was a breakfast conversation about good posture, that was all.

But somehow, I got the idea that I should pick up the huge plastic container of sugar on our table and attempt to balance it on my head to demonstrate to Andrea that I could be like the Nicaraguan women all over town who walk long distances with baskets full of bread or fruit on their heads.

It worked for about 2 seconds. The instant I took my hands away, the container went crashing to the floor, and even though it was closed, the force of the fall left us with a big pile of sugar all over the tile near our table.

I should have seen it coming. But, thanks to our really big dustpan and some bleach, I think we managed to clean it up enough that we won´t have an ant infestation later today.

I told Andrea, "this obviously means we can never have a conversation about good posture again."


thecuckoo said...

Perhaps you should try practicing with slightly more solid/sturdier things first. Then work your way UP to the sugar.

Although I'm sure the ants would be disappointed.

Heather said...

Too funny, Pamela. By the way, did you have your piece of cloth tucked underneath it to help the balancing act??? :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously Pamela... I think the cuckoo's got a good idea - practice practice practice! (but please, no more sugar...)