Monday, October 23, 2006

in esteli

From L-R: Nathan Boersema of Worldwide Christian Schools, Reina Vania and Mercedes of Escuela Cristiana Emaus in Esteli, and me. This school has been part of the Nehemiah Center's School Improvement Program for the last year or so, and is an incredible success story.
In Mercedes hands is the report on their latest project. They are incredibly organized. Reina told me herself, "Planning is so important to determine school priorities and make good decisions. The help we received from the SIP was so helpful." They run a full primary and secondary school, one of only two in the community for a population of over 100,000. Their next project is to incorporate vocational training options into the secondary school curriculum to better prepare their students for the "real world". For this reason over the next year they will add a computer lab and 5 other classrooms to be used for different vocational trades.
Once again, I left this interaction with passionate, motivated Nicaraguans inspired and impressed. So much potential lies within the spirited, creative, and persevering people of this land of lakes and volcanoes. They do not need outsiders to lead them, but rather brothers and sisters to walk alongside them.

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sorry i've been distant. hope all is well. pray for us in SA.