Friday, October 27, 2006

where did this week go?

Monday's task was patience with the never ending series of power outages that prevent most days from being more than 50% productive. I actually cannot tell you what I accomplished Monday. A totally lost day.

Tuesday's adventure involved a trip to Chinandega, where I saw the physical beginnings of a community garden in the oft-forgetten and impoverished community of El Limonal and interviewed a young, dynamic leader named Fatima for a future story in the Nehemiah Center newsletter (and also helped divide pills into bags for distribution in the community, with the help of Fatima's son--pictured left). This entire day was by far the most rewarding work-related experience of the week, for a variety of reasons I will likely elaborate on in my November newsletter.

Wednesday's daylight was spent in large part in the world of Publisher, finalizing various aspects of the Nehemiah Center's annual report, which I am producing in English and Spanish.

Thursday and Friday's agenda was filled by a taller (workshop) on effective adult education techniques, which I attended in part to learn, and in part to document via photos. The workshop was led by a Nehemiah Center training team member and participants came from communities all over the country to participate. Two highlights from Friday: my lunch conversation with a participant involved in the reformed Sandinista political organization (MRS), and presenting a "practice taller" on pottery making with a group of women, a subject I knew nothing about (but about which my fellow group members were experts). Talk about a learning experience.

And, to wrap the week up with a big happy bow, Andrea and I invited our co-worker/missionary friend Jason and his wife Jess to our house for dinner tonight, which was delightfully light-hearted and refreshing. After an intense week & many kinds of frustrations, two hours with a couple of other young, likeminded, fun Americans (and Jess' yummy chocolate cake) was just what the culture stress doctor ordered!

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