Wednesday, September 12, 2007

driving in the rain [yes, it's scary]

My most hair-raising experience in Managua in months came today, mid-afternoon when I drove Andrea and I's new roommate Alicia through several flooded city streets en route to the airport to pick up her luggage, which arrived a day late. Given that it was her first Nica downpour, she had to record the moment.
I know, it looks like the water covered the engine, but really it just reached the top of the tires. But I was still pretty freaked out. Some parts of life in Managua just never become ordinary. Streets that become rivers is one of them.


Dawn said...

I'm glad you are safe. I'd be white-knuckling it the whole time too.

psoup said...

what's really scary is when the driver is taking photos while driving. tee hee, i'm just kidding!

See you next week!

Sharis said...

I drove on a Spring Break trip to Mexico and mostly I was just parying the whole time. I don't even like driving here.