Monday, February 04, 2008

if you live in one of these 24 states...

[Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, W. Virginia, Tennessee, Utah]

On the eve of Super Tuesday, I feel it's especially important to call attention to the primaries and caucuses occurring all over the United States tomorrow. If you are registered to vote in any of these states, and the primary/caucus rules permit you to vote, please do so. The strength of our democracy depends on citizen participation.

Some of my readers know my personal candidate preference (and you can read about him here), but I will not use this space to make a political argument. As your fellow citizen, I just ask you to educate yourself about the candidates and the issues, decide what matters most to you, and vote.

Thank you.


Brett said...

HAHA... why vote the issues when you can jump on the feel good bandwagon. I mean, if Obama is good enough for Oprah... ;-) Unfortunately, I think few people really vote issues. They vote feelings. If people really looked at the issues, they would see Obama has a more liberal voting record than Ted Kennedy. Which is saying something. As well as I just can't support someone that is going to vote against a ban on partial birth abortion. That is a huge strikeout in my book.

nicapamela said...

brett, you are my friend and i respect your right to disagree with my point of view. but the fact is that obama has position/policy papers on every issue just like every other serious candidate still in the presidential race. there is much more to him than "feel good".

regarding the abortion issue, i encourage you to read the following article by the son of francis schaeffer, who is pro-life AND pro-obama.

i hope you'll let me know what you think of his point of view.

Brett said...

I know Obama has his own positions, but right now, that is not what you are hearing from media and his supporters. You are hearing just feel good politics. Elections never hit on the issues until after the final candidates have been chosen anyway. When Hillary got a spike in the polls after she cried on air, that wasn't because of her stance on the issues. Even in Europe they are commenting on the cult of personality of Obama.

As for the article, it follows a very convoluted logic. He is trying to compare abortion to things that yes, have to do with life, but do not compare. A man knows that if he joins the armed forces, that he will probably go to war, and probably face death. (whether it is justified or not) A man knows, if he commits a crime that could be punishable by death, that he may face those consequences. What choice did that child have whether he would die or not. Plus, what do we teach our children, when we say there is no responsibility for your actions in regards to creating a child.

It is like those people who think that you can't be pro life and pro death penalty. Yet most of them are pro choice and anti death penalty. It as all about choice. Give the babies a choice to live and choose what they want in this life. Those who are on death row, they made their choice. That is more about justice in this fallen world. Where is the justice for a child who doesn't even get a chance.

So, since Obama believes in somehow giving everyone dignity and hope, that is pro life? If he really believed in dignity and life, then why does he uphold killing babies. Or does he endorse the outlook that women in the UK are taking, that abortion is a good thing. We are just keeping kids from having an upbringing in a foster home, orphanage, or a broken family. See Twist's blog on Tuesday, November 28, 2006.

Or why don't we use the rationale that it keeps more people coming into the world and making a bigger carbon footprint. Every year India births the population of Australia.

Abortion is just one of those no go issues for me. I cannot go for a candidate that is pro choice.