Saturday, July 21, 2007

play day in mateare

That's Mateare behind me, a small town 30 minutes north of Managua...I have made several friends there through my work...above, and below, I am in a small boat (lancha) in the middle of Lake Managua. This lake extends from Managua northward past Mateare and you must drive around it to get to the central mountainous region to the east.
My friend gave me a shirt and hat so I wouldn't get quite so was already hot on the water at 10am this morning! We did enjoy a few minutes swimming in the water as well. Even though the part of the lake near Managua is seriously polluted, this section is more or less maintained by the Mayor of Mateare, so people swim, fish, and enjoy the beach up here quite a bit, unlike in the capital, where the shoreline is basically a wasteland.

That's Volcan Mombotombo on the left (they call the smaller one Mombotombito), one of Nicaragua's best know geographical sits in the middle of the lake, and it is still a perfect cylinder because it has never erupted (yet). After a couple hours on the water, I had a delicious fish lunch cooked by my friend's family, and then some salsa (dancing, not cooking) lessons! It was a fun day.


Sharis said...

sounds cool

Anonymous said...

Good pictures!..I am happy that you´ve enjoyed this experience..:)