Wednesday, September 27, 2006

leaf, rag, bookshelf

A heart grows weak
like a trembling leaf
blown hither and yon
by the winds of change
that blow with caprice
through the busy city streets

A spirit grows tattered
like an old cotton rag
bleached and battered
through constant use
cleaning oak, ceramic, tile
til it loses color and form

A mind grows burdened
like an old bookshelf
ceaseless quantities of information
maintained in a finite space
the mounting weight of many pages
could break it any day
could break it any day
-pjn 9/27/06

1 comment:

Brett said...


It's gonna be ok. You didn't go to niceragua to play it safe and sit back as the world moves around you. You went there to make a difference. In your life and in others. It is an adventure, and as adventures go, there are always struggles.

When I went out to California, it was for an adventure. In the beginning it was a struggle. It was very lonely, and experienced some of the most emotionally painful moments in my life. All my family were thousands of miles away. I was in a new place with no friends and no job. Lisa was working at a hotel populated by drug dealers and prostitutes right next to disneyland. Her health was declining from stress. And we were livinging in a Ghetto apartment.

But things got better. God worked in a wonderful way. Lisa got a new job through a miracle, we got a new apartment in a better area, and eventually I got a job.

It was always a struggle, but we were able to have a great time, as you can see from our website. And even though I experience the most painful emotional moments in my life, I also experienced the greatest moment in my life when Lisa and I got married.

So, even though things are tough right now. Keep a positive attitude. It can always get worse, but it can always get better. It is an andventure. So, take advantage of it. Let this be a moment that defines you, not breaks you. God is with you.

And most important. Taco Cabana will always be here waiting for you :-)