Monday, November 21, 2005

hope & fear

in whispered praise
in cover of night
you risk your life
to lift up the King
while in pure sunlight
i walk in freedom
Yet my [silence] is [deafening]

your courage makes you willing
to face death for Truth

“give me liberty or give me death”
cried my forefathers
and they prevailed
for their vision gave them hope
and courage

yet what fear engulfs us now
for we know not liberty

at the brink of the chasm between
hope and fear
a moment of truth
a Socratic examination of the heart
a step of faith across the chasm

will He catch me when I fall?

And yet even if He does not—do I not still believe?

May hope rise with the morning sun
bringing word of unfailing love
and perfect freedom from


Hannah said...

I love it, Pam. Your writing amazes me every time.

nicapam said...

thanks, hannah. i enjoy your whimsical and thoughtful blog too. (now that i've found it).

Sharis said...

Pam you wrote this? Wow! how much do you ROCK? Sam's mom's name is Pam. She also loves poetry so maybe it is a thing with people named Pam.

Maybe not though beacuse I love poetry, too. Last time I wrote poetry was years ago... Hmmmm... maybe I should write some more.a

nicapam said...

i sure did. thanks, sharis! i highly encourage poetry writing--it's good for the soul--and the right brain. : )