Tuesday, November 15, 2005

pride & prejudice

"Was it Miss Bennett who was prejudiced, or Mr. Darcy who was too proud?" -Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail (he obviously got it all wrong--as anyone who has read the book knows, it is quite the opposite)
At the risk of offending Austen purists with the ampersand in my subject line and my frivolous movie reference, I want to commend the recent production of Pride and Prejudice that opened last Friday (btw, the performances were sold out all day...they actually moved the film to a bigger theater to accommodate the demand). At just over 2 hours, it was a witty, gutsy, and enjoyable interpretation (albeit condensed and lacking in 18th century subtlety--the humor is palpable) of Jane Austen's beloved novel.


soupablog said...

but i feel like i've seen 4 or 5 versions of P&P in the last few years; is it realllly worth shelling out money to see this one more?

nicapam said...

there are a lot of versions out there, it's true...the last good one was in '95 I think, and then there's the classic 6 hour BBC series. there was also a modern interpretation done, but i never saw it.