Friday, November 11, 2005

justice and community

From Jean Vanier's Becoming Human:
"Justice means more than just following the law, not hurting people; it also means respecting and valuing each individual. Justice flows from the heart. If human beings are crying out for justice, if we are all deeply moved by deeds of injustice, do not our cries reveal our humanity? Our basic needs are the same as those of all other human beings..."
He continues,
"When we ally ourselves with the excluded in society, not only are we able to see people as people and to join them in their struggle for justice, to work for community and places of belonging, but we develop the critical tools for seeing what is wrong in our own society....wisdom grows when we cast a critical eye not only on ourselves but also on the group to which we belong. It is only then that we begin to want to work for change."

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