Friday, April 06, 2007

by dawn's early light

Early in the madrugada (early morning) today, I was roused from slumber by an amplified but slow and mournful drumbeat. Wrapping my thin blanket over my shoulders and slipping on the nearest pair of shoes, I opened the front door and wandered outside. The full moon was still visible in the western sky as the dawn's light began to creep over the horizon.

I walked out to the main road, searching for signs of the music I had heard a few minutes before. As I turned my attention from the sky's brilliant pink and orange hues to the deserted road, a small van with speakers playing the lament I had heard earlier appeared, surrounded by the faithful.

Music, processionals, reenactment, remembrance.

This is Good Friday in Nicaragua. +


Allison said...

Pam -

I stumbled across your site when I saw your posting on Amelia's blog. I love your description of the morning of Good Friday there.
Hope you are well!
Allison Kramer

soupablog said...

we miss you

أُكتب بالرصاص said...

really i enjoyed in ur blog

and i like the phots very much