Monday, June 25, 2007


Yes, juggling. I thought I had seen everything on the interlocal buses (live chickens, people singing, selling everything from tamales to soda to baked goods, kids begging, etc), but I was wrong.

Today, in the middle of my trip home from Chinandega, a man got on the bus with another one of those stories about how he was trying to make money to get somewhere to visit a sick relative, and I assumed he was going to sing. But after he finished telling his story, he said, "I hope you will like what I am going to do." And what did he do? He proceded to take 3 limes out of his pocket and juggle them--in the aisle of a moving bus on a Nica highway! And not just your standard 3 limes up in the air; oh no, this guy was swinging them down and under his legs, switching up his throwing rhythm, you name it. He was a professional! So I try to make it a rule not to give people money here, but this guy definitely earned his living this afternoon, and I could hardly help myself from grinning when I handed him a small donation.

Just another example of how there is never a dull moment in this land of lakes and volcanoes...and jugglers!

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